May 18, 2022

Ege Goncu

Vinyl Plank is in Style

Vinyl plank is trending

Does it seem like a large number of beautiful homes you see in magazines have these incredible floors that are completely out of reach? It may not be as unattainable as you think. Gorgeous marbled stones and slates, deep luxurious oak or walnut hardwoods"¦ While the original products are indeed expensive, modern technology has come along and made it all within budgetary reach. Welcome to the home stage, luxury vinyl tile and plank, and resilient vinyl sheet too!

Current embossing techniques have completely transformed the appeal of vinyl flooring in today's homes. With realistic textures, high quality 3D imaging, durable wear layers, and water-resistance, vinyl has a lot to offer.


Luxury vinyl tile and plank are the high end version of vinyl. They are commercial grade for high traffic areas in busy places, making them a great investment for your home or office. Highly resilient and easy to maintain, LVT and LVP are routinely sought after by commercial designers. These products also satisfy "green" (LEED) building standards, which means they meet even the most stringent building codes. Their superior wear layers are scratch, stain, dent, scuff, and water resistant. And, be sure to ask us about the warranties on the brand names we carry!

LVT & LVP benefit from a unique process, called the photogravure process. This means flooring with high definition colours, subtle shading, and incredible 3D textures. This process has mastered the look and feel of all kinds of hardwood grains, as well as slates and tiles alike. in fact, luxury vinyl does such a good job of mimicking the real thing that some designers believe most people really won't notice the difference. (Except on your budget!)


Sheet vinyl offers all of the same benefits in terms of beautiful designs and styles, however it is even more affordable because of the ease of installation. Instead of installing individual vinyl tiles or planks, it comes in large sheet rolls, so it is much quicker and easier to put down. Some sheets come with built in cushioning as well, offering more warmth and softness underfoot than other types of flooring.

Our Flooring Advisors can show you the wonderful selection that we have in store. We carry a large inventory of the latest styles and designs, and we are also always happy to order in if you've got something specific picked out. We suggest letting your curiosity get the best of you, and dropping by for a quick peek. You'll be amazed to see that the look of earthy stone tiles or rich handscraped hardwood is completely affordable. So, start wishing, and we'll help make your flooring dreams come true!